Asheville man charged with possessing 50 pounds of marijuana has let down entire community

sad man3

The uncle of the accused man had tickets to see a Pink Floyd tribute band.

Asheville, Monday — Friends and neighbors are concerned after learning that a man they knew and trusted was arrested Sunday after members of a city-county drug task force found more than 50 pounds of high-grade marijuana in the basement of his home.

“Sure, I know Eddie. We grew up together,” said one distraught neighbor. “I never expected something like this. I don’t even know where else to get weed.”

Members of the community were stunned when learning of the arrest.

“I just started season two of ‘Peep Show’ so this is incredibly disappointing,” said City Council member Cecil Bothwell.

Family members of the man who authorities say had a sophisticated grow operation in his basement were in a state of shock.

“I raised my boy better than this,” said the mother of the accused. “This is just going to be a trainwreck down the supply line. Total chaos. A dark cloud has settled over the East Asheville Bridge Club.”

The accused man has stated that he has retained the services of an attorney who will handle order fulfillment until his release.