Older Technophobe Regrets Faking His Way to IT Job

Clyde Jenson, IT Specialist


Clyde Jenson, a 57-year-old, former retail manager has found work, but for how long? In his desperation, he overstated his technical prowess, based on a letter he had written in 1984 using a then state-of-the -art Apple 2e.

“I thought, ‘how hard can it be?’ And just filled in all kinds of exaggerations and acronyms of programs I use with regularity; all complete whole-cloth fabrications, of course.”

Many of his co-workers in IT have had growing suspicions, as Clyde has simply nodded and smiled during in-depth technical conversations and meetings. After 10 minutes spent trying to insert a 5 1/2″ inch floppy disk into his workspace laptop, he accidentally established himself as a sort-of workplace cut-up.

“So far, every problem I’ve encountered has been resolved by having the user (a new term that I just learned has nothing to do with heroin use) turn off his computer, wait thirty seconds, and “reboot,” whatever that is.”

While it seems unlikely, Mr. Jenson hopes that his viewing of the Matthew Broderick film War Games, combined with his extensive home study of computers in a 1997 Encyclopedia Brittanica article will help keep him on the IT payroll for an indefinite period into the future- at least long enough to find work at a cotton gin or at Colonial Williamsburg.