Sold! Key parcel on downtown’s South Slope sold for $3.14 million

StreetAsheville, Monday — Developers purchased a 25-square-foot patch of grass on Asheville’s booming South Slope this week, and the transaction has prompted speculation about what might be joining a growing list of businesses that are hanging a shingle in this popular part of town.

“While this five-foot-by-five-foot property is not big enough for most grown adults to lie down on without trespassing on our neighbor’s property, we see lots of potential,” said developer Dave Landling.

Landling notes that, vertically speaking, the sky’s the limit.

“We see potential in a high-rise hotel that caters to visitors with acid reflux who need to sleep inclined,” Landling said.

The property, at 226 ½ Hilliard, is conveniently located between a sidewalk and an abandoned building. The previous owner purchased it when it was covered in broken concrete, and made improvements such as removing the broken concrete and planting grass.

“If we get a trolley stop down here for the tourists, we would be perfectly suited to offer high-volume, hand-squeezed lemonade service and sales,” said Landling, “along with other traditional South Slope offerings such as donuts, beer and hype.”